How we do it

Here at PITOT, we strongly believe to redefine the way knowledge transfer of aviation & engineering. Currently, the growth in the rate of exponential technological advancements is spearheaded where integration has become a key and at PITOT we are steadily moving forward in that direction. We are certain that students from PITOT will stand out in whatever they do.


Pitot Aviation was founded

by the two young men who dreamed to be successful in life. This two young men demonstrated their dedication and knowledge in the field of Aviation justo.

at the beginning of the year

Pitot Aviation having agreement with AST to provide an initial examination and it was successful

the end of the year

The Pitot Aviation decided to provide full modular courses

the same year at the end of 2017

Pitot Aviation decided to have agreement with the Egyptian Aviation Academy to provide the full modular courses each year, they see and realized that many people dreams to be an aircraft engineer in the field of aviation.

Since the day

Pitot Aviation decided to expand their company not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East and Gulf regions and they decided to add one more programmed in the field of Piloting. On 2018 Pitot Aviation decided to open in Doha and to provide the same training programmed and piloting.

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