Grand Opening

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PITOT AVIATION provide new services for the first time in Qatar, A short modular training from AST, Approved 147 Academy and offers a flexible and short modular program, that is provides the theoretical knowledge and EASA Part 66 Approved Examinations required for the full Part 66 license, for those who seeking license through the ‘Self-improver’ route. Short Modular Courses, the self-improver course that can be studied as a complete fulltime program, lasting between 20 weeks (Zero to Hero), depending on the category of license being studied towards, or as individual modules, with each module lasting from 1 to 9 weeks. The Students who successfully pass the module examinations, are awarded a Certificate of Recognition, the Approved Examination acceptable to the UK CAA and all other EASA Member Authorities. AST offers a full selection of Modular Courses throughout the year accompanied by the EASA examination(s) at the end of each module.

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