Aircraft Maintenance Program


Egyptian Aviation Academy was able to catch up with the huge global improvement when it comes to providing the latest program that aligned with the marketplace requirements at aircraft maintenance engineering, Aircraft Engineering and Aviation is a ruled by a restricted set of rules that were put by the IACO Organization. And to increase and ensure the safety levels of ICAO to make sure to include the personals and the equipment and the passenger’s, so they created the EASA license to ensure that the technicians and the engineers as well qualified to secure all the Aircrafts.

Over the year’s this organization proved the high-quality of performance in achieving the highest safety rates.

As a result of 90% of Europe Countries and the biggest aviation companies around the world has adopted the EASA license and worked under it’s umbrella. And started accepting only technicians and engineers that holds the EASA license.


of experience

Years of practical training


A Dream Everyone Wants  To become an aircraft maintenance engineer is a that dream everyone wants and there is a lot of hard working and talented engineer who pursuing that dream.  The Applicants should go through the Theoretical and Practical preparations to obtain the EASA license.In accordance with the requirements of the labor market that now belongs to the biggest European Organization.And to enter into this fast-growing field the Faculty of Specialized Studies provides the latest preparation program to enhance and prepare you for the labor market.

Bachelor degree in aircraft maintenance and repair

Specialized certificate for aircraft maintenance engineering equivalent to the degree of university qualification granted by the Egyptian Universities in accordance with the ministerial law 53/1975

Obtaining the basic certificate of aircraft maintenance in the fields of chassis and avionics engines

Obtaining aircraft maintenance license for small and large non-model airplanes

Basic examination modules EASA part 66

Examinations eligible for aircraft maintenance and repair license in accordance with legislation of the IACO World Wide organization Accredited by the Egyptian Academy of Aviation Sciences

Practical training required to complete the requirements for obtaining both EASA and IACO licenses ‘The student will have 3 years of practical training accredited and compatible with the legislation of each license separately On actual aircrafts’

The program includes passing the scientific stages in parallel for four years

Applicants must be over 18 years old,The student must pass the English language proficiency test for the ease of passing the educational and study stages, which will be entirely in English” In case of failure to reach the required level, the student will be enrolled in English language courses”

-Applicants graduated from the high school and diplomas must have successfully completed the course of the scientific section, specifying physics and mathematics

– You complete a form through the website,

Or by visiting the application offices-Ministry of Civil Aviation 01008095562-

Imbaba Institute 01005688204-the Egyptian Academy of Aviation Sciences 01022271280-81-82

– Applicants apply and 500 LE are paid for the enrollment file Which includes setting a date for holding the English language exam and the specifications and conditions of the interview with the admissions committee

–  Specify the date of the first payment of expenses and receipt of the ID Card

-Work security queries necessary to enter the 6th of October airport

Start date of submission 30/7/2018

End date of submission 1/10/2018

– Periodic inspections

Ensure the functions of aircraft systems According to ATA Chapter

Repairs and modifications in unplanned maintenance-

Achieve post-repair inspections to ensure safety

Procedures to authorize the aircraft to return to service after the necessary inspections, whether periodic or surprising

Cessna 172R Gasoline

Cessna 172 R Diesel

Cessna Mustang 510

Cessna 152 peach craft Paron 58


Which will be the work of practical training and it will be recorded in the history of maintenance work according to the date and model of the ATA Chapter

Bachelor degree of aircraft maintenance and repair

The practical and theoretical aspect of the IACO license

The practical and theoretical aspect of the EASA license

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