Pitot Aviation is a newborn organization which is founded by a group of ambitious, capable, reliable and young individuals, who aside from their qualifications pride themselves in keeping the professional manner. We believe that our customers’ needs are on the top of our list. Finding solutions and making the impossible happen and dreams come true is our priority. We hope as well we plan to become a world-class organization which provides the best and only the best services to our clients.


As the world experiences a huge progress and takes an enormous leap into the field of aviation we believe that our part hasn’t been done yet. And that part concludes investing our experience, knowledge, skills, effort And complete devotion for the benefit of our aviation community. Pitot is looking forward to developing and elevating the standards of the aviation field in this part of the world that needs it.

Our team embraces the concept of:
Work hard
Accomplish the mission
Love your job
Do it yourself
Keep it simple
How we do it

Here at PITOT, we strongly believe to redefine the way knowledge transfer of aviation & engineering. Currently, the growth in the rate of exponential technological advancements is spearheaded where integration has become a key and at PITOT we are steadily moving forward in that direction. We are certain that students from PITOT will stand out in whatever they do.

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