Pitot Aviation is a newborn organization which is founded by a group of ambitious, capable, reliable and young individuals

who aside from their qualifications pride themselves in keeping the professional manner. We believe that our customers’ needs are on the top of our list. Finding solutions and making the impossible happen and dreams come true is our priority. We hope as well we plan to become a world-class organization which provides the best and only the best services to our clients.


Our mission is to be one of the leading providers with the highest standards of training skill and best knowledge in the field of aviation. We pride ourselves to enhancement our knowledge and experience towards the typical aviation training system able to create and to encourage, with our training services we train our engineers and pilots in the most efficient manner with the core value, quality, and integrity to achieve their goal in this field with an excellent performance in the EASA standard.


As the world experiences a huge progress and takes an enormous leap into the field of aviation we believe that our part hasn’t been done yet. And that part concludes investing our experience, knowledge, skills, effort And complete devotion for the benefit of our aviation community. Pitot is looking forward to developing and elevating the standards of the aviation field in this part of the world that needs it.

Air Service Training Ltd (AST) , is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perth College UHI, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). AST themselves have been a world leader in the field of Aviation training since 1931, making it arguably the longest-established organisation of its kind. Since its formation, AST has had a long and successful history of providing Engineering training for the world’s airlines, maintenance organisations and military formations. Training Engineers for one of the most demanding professions in the world requires a very special approach, and complete dedication to the highest safety standards. From its earliest beginnings, AST has focussed on the delivery of high-quality training ensuring the most stringent of safety standards.

Egyptian Aviation Academy has started its activity in the field of aviation training since 1932. It has been accredited by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority for all its colleges. EAA got the recognition and the approval of the International Civil Aviation Organization for all its three colleges; Misr Flying college, Air Traffic Control College, Aviation Management Training College; as a Regional Training Center in Africa and in the Middle East. EAA applies the highest standards of safety and all the training programs are carried out according to the most innovated and updated international standards. Development steps and procedures were achieved in EAA to cope with the latest and modern technology in the field of aviation training using latest aircrafts

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